“Sustainability and recyclability were therefore key factors when we were looking for our new ring carrier and WaveGrip offered the perfect solution. ”

Geoffrey Jansen van Vuuren, CEO Amundsen Brewery

“Our research showed that the WaveGrip C-400 is the only practical solution in the marketplace. We are delighted with the results we have achieved to date.”

Martin Kamil, Vice President of Finance and Operations, Black Fly Beverages

“The sustainability of WaveGrip was fundamental to our choice of carriers and has helped to significantly reduce our packaging usage.”

Remco Bos, CEO, Orpheus Brewing

“The WaveGrip C80 was the perfect choice for us and even running at just 30cpm we are seeing significant benefits, including giving the team more time to spend on what they love – the brewing!”

Joel Thompson, CEO, Fernson Brewing Co.

“Moving from our previous clip solutions for cans has made a tremendous difference to the multi-packing of our 4-packs”

Sébastien Laganière, Co-founder of Lagabière

“We were really happy with the sustainability of the WaveGrip solution and its environmental story is important to both us and our customers”

Keith Lewis, Founder and President, Tupps Brewery

“We’re on track to be a 4200-barrel brewery in the next few months and thanks to our canning line and the C80 we think 80% of our output will be packaged products.”

Dave Sutula, Brewmaster, Royal Docks Brewing Co.