Customer Story

Down The Road Introduce Lightweight Carriers From WaveGrip

“The C-80 applicator hits the spot perfectly and the wavegrip carriers are smaller and lighter than some alternatives on the market.”

Donovan Bailey, Founder & Head Brewer Down the Road Brewery


WaveGrip’s innovative and sustainable multi-packing solution is helping Massachusetts craft brewers Down The Road Beer Co. satisfy the growing demand for their craft beer cans.

Down The Road, founded in 2015, produces a range of craft beer for cans and kegs. Operating a brewhouse and taproom in Everett, MA, they are one of the fastest growing craft brewers in the Greater Boston area and this has meant an increasing demand for the brewery’s beer to be available in cans.

 The Requirement

With the current output of Down The Road being 80% cans to 20% kegs, an applicator was needed to cope with their output of 30,000 16oz cans per week in a 4-pack configuration, at a speed of 52 cans per minute (cpm).

The Solutions

As well as their new canning system, WaveGrip’s C-80 is currently in operation at the brewhouse, helping to pack a wide range of beers for distribution and takeaway sales.

The C-80 applicator is perfectly suited for growing breweries with its compact size of 1.4m x 0.8m and ability to run at speeds of up to 100cpm at a range of can heights ensuring room for expansion while remaining the ideal entry level packing option.


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