Saving Energy By Advanced Lightweighting

WaveGrip™ strives to use the least amount of material possible. By using fewer raw materials, lightweight packaging not only saves energy in the production process but also creates efficiencies in transportation through to recycling into second-life products reducing our environmental footprint and yours.

For those who require paper-based drink packaging, our cardboard carriers provide the ideal solution while being lightweight, and durable, and curb side recyclable.

Market Leaders in Polyethylene Recycling

With five recycling facilities across the UK and Europe, we have the ability to recycle pre and post-consumer waste, turning this into second-life products such as picnic benches, refuse sacks, high-quality packaging material, and much more

The production of recycled plastic requires less energy compared to virgin plastic, leading to a lower carbon footprint. 

Circular Product Design

 Using recycled plastic helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources, making a positive impact on the environment. Recycled plastic is an ideal material choice for a variety of products, including WaveGrip! Choosing products made from recycled plastic demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

With our experience in recycling and reprocessing, we have been able to ensure our plastic can and bottle carriers are made with 52.5% recycled plastic.

Want to know more about the environmental credentials of WaveGrip™?

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