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Multi-packing for all.

The WaveGrip system. Built to make multi-packing smarter, it enables beverage producers of all sizes to securely and efficiently collate cans. With an intelligent carrier design, efficiency enhancing applicators and a fuss free commercial model, WaveGrip makes a difference to your business.



Our innovation pipeline is packed full of the next generation of multi-packing solutions that will make your products even better. From new pack formats to jaw-dropping inventions that makes bulky secondary packaging a thing of the past.


Our capabilities

Our manufacturing technology is world leading. It is driven by a simple philosophy to get things right – always. Only the best raw materials make the cut. Our high specification laboratories maintain the highest levels of product integrity. And we put our customers at the heart of our definition of operational excellence.



OEM Partners

Working closely with OEM partners across the globe, WaveGrip applicator technology is easily integrated into the latest packaging equipment. Greater flexibility. More control. And a seamless multi-packing solution to give you peace of mind.

Letica Corporation, US
Established automation operation and part of our parent company, the RPC Group, Letica Corporation provide automation solutions for all WaveGrip
customers in North America.
Palmer Canning, US
Canning lines experts, Palmer Canning, focus on specialist applicators for craft beer market.
Ace, China
Part of RPC Group, Ace provides support for WaveGrip customers across China.

Our Group

We’re a proud part of the bpi group, a company of Berry Global. With centres of excellence worldwide and 185+ operations in 33+ countries, we are part of a global team of 23,800 employees who deliver value for our customers through innovation, product integrity and the highest levels of service.

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WaveGrip is the most environmentally sustainable multi-packing solution available.

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    Not only is WaveGrip the lightest multi-packing carrier ever, it’s uses less material than any other multi-packing formats.

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    We hate to see waste disposed of irresponsibly so we felt it was only wise to build in a safety net – all WaveGrip carriers photodegrade.

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    All of our WaveGrip Carriers are fully recyclable so that after they have served your drinks well they can be turned into other sustainable products.

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    Up to 50% recycled content

    Because WaveGrip carriers are the smartest on earth, they can be made using up to 50% recycled material.

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    Zero to landfill

    Nothing in our production process is wasted and certainly never sent to landfill.

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