“The WaveGrip™ C80 was the perfect choice for us and even running at just 30cpm we are seeing significant benefits, including giving the team more time to spend on what they love – the brewing!”

Joel Thompson
CEO, Fernson Brewing Co.

WaveGrip’s C80 multi-packing applicator has helped craft brewers Fernson automate their packaging line for its canned craft beer thanks to its low cost of entry.

Fernson Brewing Co. opened in Sioux Falls, South Dakota just over four years ago and now operates across two locations; it’s brewery and taproom on the outskirts of town and a bustling and lively taproom & kitchen right in the heart of Sioux Falls.

The brewery offers five core beers of which as well as being available on-site are also available in cans and play a key part in the Brewery’s offer, allowing drinkers to enjoy Fernson’s beers at home.

The packaging of cans was proving to be very labour intensive. Fernson needed automated multi-packing solution that would allow them to increase their production at an affordable cost.

The C90

With its low entry price, automating the packaging process became a reality with the C80 and WaveGrip carriers delivering savings in both the cost of labour and materials needed to pack its cans.

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