Customer Story

Tupps Brewery Streamline Packaging Process

"We were really happy with the sustainability of the WaveGrip solution and its environmental story is important to both us and our customers"

Keith Lewis, Founder and President, Tupps Brewery


WaveGrip’s innovative multi-packing C80 applicator is helping Tupps Brewery streamline its manufacturing process while also providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solution to the multi-packing of its beer cans. Based in McKinney, Texas, Tupps Brewery offer a wide range of beers from easy-drinking American Wheat and smooth Pale Ales, to an over-the-top Imperial Stout that sits at 12.1% ABV. Currently, the brewery offers can and keg products and distribute its beers across North Texas, Austin, San Antonio, and the state of Oklahoma.

The Requirement

To increase the distribution of its 4 and 6-pack cans an automatic multi-packing applicator was needed to replace the previously manually intensive system. All the while using a carrier that was sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Solution

The C80 applicator from WaveGrip was the perfect choice for Tupps Brewery thanks to a top speed of 80 cans-per-minute (cpm), full automation, and its easy-to-use design. The C80 has helped improve their manufacturing process and even being run at the current level of 45 – 50 cpm, is providing huge savings in both the cost of materials and labor.


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