Recyclable 6-Pack Cardboard Carriers

WaveGrip's™ range of cardboard ring carriers are a popular choice for those seeking to meet growing consumer demands for paper-based drinks packaging.

Weighing less than 7 grams per 6-pack, the Cardboard Can Carrier keeps material use to a minimum, providing a lightweight pack that eliminates the need for bulky and expensive fully enclosed cardboard boxes.

A white or craft brown fully coated topside offers high-quality printability in up to 10 colors, allowing your brand message and promotions to be easily included. 

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Cardboard Can Carriers

Side-Applied Bottle Carriers

Are you looking for a better way to transport your bottled beverages? By using WaveGrip's™ Bottle Carriers, you can keep up to 4.5kgs / 160oz of product secure and easily transportable. This is perfect for carrying water, soda, juice, or any other beverage in bottles.

The WaveGrip™ Bottle carrier features a lightweight, ergonomically designed handle that makes it easy to pick up and carry. Our patented design simplifies the transportation process while giving you the ability to add your own personalized label.

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Side-Applied Bottle Carriers
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