“The sustainability of WaveGrip™ was fundamental to our choice of carriers and has helped to significantly reduce our packaging usage.”

Remco Bos
CEO, Orpheus Brewing

WaveGrip is providing a packaging solution and carrier return scheme for Orpheus Brewing to help reduce their packaging waste and reduce the brewery’s annual packaging footprint by approximately 85%.

Opened in 2014 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Orpheus brewing operates a 20BBL, 16,000sqft brewhouse and taproom focusing on beers with drama and punch. With four core beers and an almost endless range of specials Orpheus’s flavors range from tart sours to strong barrel-aged stouts.

With the aim of reducing their overall packaging footprint Orpheus wanted a lightweight and recyclable carrier that wouldn’t go to waste.

WaveGrip&#0153 Carriers and Carrier Recycle Programme

The WaveGrip carriers were the perfect choice for Orpheus. Weighing only 3.5g for a standard 6-pack carrier, WaveGrip provides an 85% reduction in material usage when compared to HDPE plastic handles and 10% savings when compared to traditional ring carriers.

WaveGrip carriers are also fully recyclable, however, the challenge remained to ensure that the carriers were collected for recycling. This, together with understanding the differences in recycling capabilities across states, led to the ‘Orpheus Carrier Recycle Programme’ being established.

Orpheus drinkers can now return their used carriers to any of Orpheus’s taprooms and receive an incentive off future Orpheus beer purchases for their efforts. Once a sufficient number of carriers have been returned, they are collected in bulk by WaveGrip and recycled into a diverse range of products such as decking, road paving and other types of packaging – or even more WaveGrip carriers.

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