• Create packs of 4, 6, or 8 using the same reel of material
  • Takes up minimal space in shipping and storage
  • For multiple can sizes in 202/211 and 202/204 can ranges
  • Available in multiple colours to complement your brand
  • Additional space for customized branding opportunities 
  • Made with over 50% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR)

Rim Applied Carriers

Stocked in both North American and Europe, WaveGrip beverage and beer plastic rings are available for quick delivery to use as four, six, and eight packs across a range of beverage can sizes including Sleek 202/204 and Standard 202/211 cans.

WaveGrip Plastic Can Carriers can be applied using the competitively priced range of WaveGrip applicators, all of which can be easily integrated into production lines to deliver the perfect multi-pack solution for six pack rings. Competitively priced change part packages are available for those that wish to pack both Sleek and Standard can sizes.

Side Applied Carriers

Our range of side-applied can carriers deliver the latest on-pack marketing messages directly into your consumers' hands. In addition to the improved sustainability benefits, incorporating a handle within the carrier design improves functionality, making it easier for consumers to grab a pack off the shelf and carry them home.

By creating an additional advertising surface on the pack, brand messages and promotions can be added via a custom printed label, delivering greater shelf impact and direct communication possibilities with customers. As labels are made from PE they do not impact the carriers’ recyclability, allowing the carrier to maintain its sustainability credentials.

Available in a Range of Colours

A standard range of colours to make your cans pop.



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