WaveGrip Original Can Carrier for 202 / 211 cans

  • Create packs of 4, 6 or 8 using the same reel of material
  • Takes up minimal space in shipping and storage
  • For can sizes 12oz, 16oz and 19.2oz
  • Available in multiple colours to compliment your brand
  • Takes up minimal space in shipping and storage
  • Made with post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR)

Available in a Range of Colours

A standard range of colours to make your cans pop.


WaveGrip’s Original Can Carriers are the plastic multi-pack carrier for cans and used by some of the largest beverage brands worldwide. Available in a range of colours for maximum brand impact they contain up to 52.5% Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) and are recyclable with polyethylene (PE) film collection schemes where available. Weighing less than 4g for a standard six-pack, WaveGrip is one of the lightest and most sustainable multi-packing solutions available.

Stocked in both North American and Europe, the carriers are available for quick delivery to customers for use as four, six and eight packs using the same reel of material across a range of can sizes including 12oz, 16oz and 19.2oz. They can be applied using the competitively priced range of WaveGrip applicators, all of which can be easily integrated into production lines to deliver the perfect multi-pack solution for cans.