Friday 21st of April 2017

Beauty and the Can

Cans went stale. On our watch. And we never even noticed.

The drinks didn’t, of course – canning is comfortably the best way to keep your drink in perfect condition, but the cans themselves got a bit – well… boring.

We’re all used to seeing the soft drinks and beer giants using their familiar brands to sell their wares and their familiar cans have filled supermarket shelves for many, many years – it was an identi-kit fridge selection almost anywhere you went in the world.

What a delight then, to see a gorgeous revolution being led by the craft market.

Forget Beauty and the Beast – how about Beauty and the Beer? Far more refreshing in our opinion.

Here are just a few of our favourite designs…

Beavertown has to be the best place to start – look at these beauties:

And how about MadTree?

Brown’s Brewing company has a range of patterns and colours that elevate their craft selection to high art!

From art to literature now – with their tip of the hat to the iconic Aslan from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, by CS Lewis, the uber-stylish Aslan brewing have to be a mane contender… (sorry)


And we’ve always thought that brewing is a calling, and the aptly named Vocation brewery don’t let us down with this little beauty – get 12, just don’t drink them all at once!

On the theme of names, this one is a cracker… Ever wondered what the name of the amendment that made it legal to drink in the USA was post-prohibition?

Here’s a beauty of a can that will give you a clue:

Want moor? Even a more ‘classical design’ can offer so much more than we ever saw in the 80s…