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March 10, 2017

Big is beautiful!

Big is beautiful!

We’re kind of biased, as canned drinks are our thing, but it looks like consumers are equally obsessed because, according to recent research, the canned beverage market is going to reach a whopping $60.92bn by 2024. Now that’s an awful lot of cans to collate.

What’s more, it’s a heck of a jump from the measly $39.19bn (joking!) recorded in 2015. So the canning industry is evidently doing something drinkers love. And we’re right behind them – actually, to be more accurate – on top.

How do we help cans appeal to the market?

Well, we allow any size of canned drinks producer to multi-pack their products with the strongest, most environmentally friendly product on the market. Oh, and at the lowest cost.

What’s more, our light, value-engineered carriers are designed to make the can the star of the show, not our own product, beautiful and brainy though it is. Therefore, cans collated using WaveGrip technology truly do stand out from the crowd, boasting about their brand, with nothing obscured.

Did we mention light?

We did. And it’s this lightness that is WaveGrip’s secret weapon in the fight against cost. You see, our carriers are so lightweight – albeit immensely strong – that we can radically reduce the producer’s transportation costs, meaning they make more profit. And we’ve already said that there’s going to be a massive increase in can production and sales over the next few years. So, more profit per can equals …? You do the maths!

But you don’t have to be big!

All sizes of producer are beautiful in our eyes, from the artisan crafting a small volume of drink to the kings of can production who measure output in hectolitres. This is because we have three kinds of applicator to suit any size of business.

  • The G1 is a small, portable unit that enables craft producers to produce professional multi-packs in seconds.
  • The G2 is a fixed installation applicator that is truly scalable to grow with you – optimised for a mid-range producer.
  • The G3 is optimised for high volume producers

All of them do away with the need for expensive and complicated multi-packing equipment. What’s more, they’re easily integrated into the latest equipment.

Big benefits, small cost. Universal in application. What’s not to like?

You’re based in the UK, so why are you quoting stats for the USA?

Because the entire world, Rodney, is our lobster. We recognise no borders when it comes to can collation. Whether you create craft beer in Colorado or make soda in Streatham, as long as you sell it in a can, you can use WaveGrip solutions.

How do we get in touch?

You can reach us via most modern methods of communication known to mankind. Ping us a post on Facebook. Tweet a topic on Twitter. Like our links on LinkedIn.

Or if you want the warm and fuzzy feeling of person-to-person contact, email us or even pick up the phone. You can find all that lovely information here.

Better yet, come and visit us at one of our many public appearances. We love meeting prospective customers almost as much as we love providing multi-pack solutions. If you’re visiting BeerEx in Sheffield this month, CBC in Washington or interpack in Dusseldorf in April, or even planning DrinkTech in Munich in September, get in touch and come to say hi in person!

And we positively adore demonstrating how WaveGrip can transform your business, so ask us to come to you. We have an atlas.

What are you waiting for?

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