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May 19, 2017

What If… There Was a Better Way?

What If… There Was a Better Way?

The progress of human kind can basically be tracked back to the simple question.

‘What if?’

For instance, back in those early hunter gatherer days, someone probably (almost definitely) asked (or grunted/gestured) – ‘what if we didn’t have to chase across the Savannahs for meat and forage for vegetables?’

That, in a nutshell, was the catalyst for humans developing basic herding and farming and how we came to develop settlements.

Choose anything in front of you – your mobile phone for example – imagine all the “What ifs” that have driven the product development of that! From Alexander Graham Bell to Steve Jobs, the line is punctuated by the same question.

Perfect Design

Just occasionally, you see what some people refer to as ‘perfect design’. Things that can’t be improved. The safety pin – genius! The zipper – amazing!

Now, we can tell what you are thinking, and no, we don’t have the temerity to suggest that WaveGrip is perfect design – in fact, we’re not resting on any laurels here. We’re already working on how to improve it, just like we are working on several innovations that we believe will change the way, for example, supermarket shelves are loaded.

You see, we ask an awful lot of ‘What ifs…’ at WaveGrip.

What If?

So, what were the ‘what Ifs’ that led WaveGrip to creating the smartest multipacking solution on earth? Well, the design story for us is one of constant innovation and development, but the questions that really led us to where we are now, go something like this:

You know those plastic rings that hold multi-packed cans together? They’re good design – they’ve been around an awfully long time. But what if they could be better?

When they are attached to the can, the plastic is stretched but what if there’s a better way to apply them? Could they be rolled on without stretching?

What about smaller manufacturers and the craft market – what if there was a hand operated machine that meant they too could multi-pack cans without using difficult-to recycle plastic coated cardboard or heavy plastic clip-on packs?

And what about that plastic – if it didn’t have to stretch, could we make it cheaper? Could we make it lighter? Could we use a different polymer that uses more recycled plastic and is more environmentally responsible?

And could the plastic be even less obtrusive – could it let the primary packaging take centre stage?

Could it be coloured? Produced to compliment the branding of the cans?

And what if the biggest can producers had a machine with four lanes of cans running through rather than two – wouldn’t that mean the machine could run at slower speeds for the same 2,000 can per minute throughput? And wouldn’t that help reduce wear and tear?

And what if the rolls that the plastic was fed from had more rings – wouldn’t that mean fewer changes of reel and greater efficiency?

Well readers, our boffins asked all of these questions, and, not to put too fine a point on it, the answer to all of those questions was…

Well, it’s WaveGrip, the smartest multi-packing solution on the planet!

Whether you make a billion cans a year or a few thousand, what if you used WaveGrip carriers and WaveGrip applicators to multipack them? We’ll tell you what, you’ll be joining the ranks of innovative humans who take the species forwards, that’s what.

If you’ve got a ‘what if’ about canning or multi-packing that you’d like to speak to someone at WaveGrip about, you won’t be surprised that our team is ready to help – we love a good ‘what if’.

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