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March 6, 2018

Time flies – time to check our resolutions!

Time flies – time to check our resolutions!

It’s March already. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

For many of us, our noble New Year resolutions – often forged during the heady times of December 31st celebrations – seem a lifetime ago, drowned out by everything from the usual post-Christmas blues to the romance of Valentine’s or the unexpected cold snap of recent weeks.

It’s not surprising therefore that dry January (for those for whom it didn’t turn wet somewhere during the middle of the month) has morphed into binge February for many; that the gyms are emptying fast; and that those of us who promised to learn a new language have resorted once again to speaking loudly and very slowly in English to our foreign friends.

Some would say that’s the point of New Year resolutions – they are there to be broken. And maybe that’s because inevitably in the euphoria of a new year, we set our sights too high and are simply over-ambitious about what we want to achieve.

When it comes to business, however, companies need to be more careful. Overstating your aims can have a nasty habit of coming back to haunt you. At the same time, if a business is to succeed, it has to remain ambitious and bold in its outlook.

So, how are we doing?

Here at WaveGrip, without wanting to blow our own trumpet too much, we feel that we have got the balance right and that our achievements in the first two months of 2018 show that we are well on the way to meeting our own New Year resolutions.

The first of these is continued growth. We have therefore further strengthened our engineering team so that we have the best people in place to deliver customer projects on time and on budget; and we’ve launched our dedicated machine, manufacturing and engineering support service WaveTec to ensure that each of our applicators meet the specific requirements of every multi-packing installation.

Our second resolution is to continue to deliver innovation to our customers. That’s why this month we are packing our bags and booking our flights for our first international event of 2018: The Craft Brewers Conference. This is not only the ideal show to demonstrate our solutions for craft brewers, such as the new and improved multi-packing applicator the G1 Auto, it’s also the perfect opportunity to turn our gaze to the craft brewing world in general – which isn’t a bad place to while away a few hours, perhaps with a drink of choice in-hand? (Farewell dry January indeed!)

One trend already clear is that cans are leading the way for innovative craft beer with their space for great designs, on-shelf impact and impeccable quality and sustainability credentials. As this market grows, so do the opportunities for a sustainable, innovative multi-packing solution to help us carry our fine beers home – and as we cater for every brewery no matter the size, shape or alcohol content, WaveGrip will, we hope, be the handle for each and every application.

The year of the WaveGrip?

So, as you can see, we’re already keeping up with our resolutions and in the next few weeks and months we’ll be unveiling even more exciting news and developments. New customers, innovations, investment, previews and – of course – our continued focus for a sustainable future. Is it too early to say 2018 is the year of the WaveGrip? Shame about that new language though…

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