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February 21, 2019

Those who can, can… Or at least they tend to…!

Those who can, can… Or at least they tend to…!

Regular readers of our blog will be aware of the growth in cans for everything from cold brewed coffee to the latest in waters and Kombucha drinks. And that’s without even taking into account the numerous craft beers from around the world that are also using cans as the perfect way to get their brew to drinkers.

Whether you produce beer, energy drinks or iced coffees, cans have a large, printable surface area that serves as a 360-degree billboard for brands on-shelf. In addition, high definition printing enables brands to depict intricate designs and strong, bold colours either directly on the can or with a label, boosting consumer interaction all while communicating a unique identity. Combined with being lightweight and durable, they are an ideal fit for active lifestyles without the risk of accidental breakage, such as with bottles, and they also offer a total barrier against light and oxygen, which can affect a drink’s flavour and freshness.

So, the benefits of cans are obvious, but what makes a can, and how is it changing? We thought we’d take a look at some of the recent history of cans as well as the latest trends that are being seen in the market.

Picture a can… any can

Picture a can. It probably looks, short, cylindrical and is most likely the standard 12oz/330ml commonly used for soft drinks. Or perhaps you thought of a beer can probably a 440 or 500ml can: taller, again cylindrical and maybe with your favourite beer branding on it?

While these formats will always be a classic and a staple of every drink’s aisle, they are increasingly losing space to their newer and shinier brothers and sisters.

The canning diet…

In 2017 Ball launched three new can sizes, one large and two sleek. These new Sleek cans came in 25cl and 45cl options and were in reply to changing pressures in Russia on alcohol duty. However, Ball weren’t the first to slim down a can, Rexam as far back at 2012 started replacing their standard sized 12oz cans with 12oz sleek cans which was said to be “one of the fastest growing speciality sizes on the market”.

…or the mighty can… introducing the ‘Crowler’!

But the beer can revolution is not just slimming in fact it is packing a weightier punch and taking on the beer tap with a new innovative Crowler, which at a massive 32 ounces is a can that allows customers to take their favourite draft beer home with them. The idea is that each Crowler is filled at the tap and then a lid is sealed with a bar-top seamer, allowing the tap room beer to be taken home, with all the benefits of a can – just BIGGER!

So, what can we say to conclude? Well, it looks like cans are constantly evolving and, on that point, so is WaveGrip. It’s slightly too early to say right now, but you can rest assured that as an avid reader of our blog, you will be amongst the first to know about our latest developments.

In the meantime, rest assured WaveGrip is the most sustainable multi-packing solution available for your cans and we can all say “cheers” to that!



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