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June 5, 2019

The can continues to grow crafty, even down low…

The can continues to grow crafty, even down low…

The metal can. A design masterpiece in our eyes, delivering our tasty craft beers to drinkers as efficiently and effectively as possible. It’s fair to say we are a fan of the can here at WaveGrip.

And the latest trend reports on the craft beer market suggest we are not alone in this. Craft beer in the UK saw an amazing growth rate with 600 brewers reporting cans as representing 72% of all packaged craft beer over the last 12 months, up from just 16% in 2016. That’s one significant shift!

It’s a size thing

UK brewers also reported that the larger 440ml can size is now their most popular can size too – a real change from early 2017 when nearly all the cans were at 330ml. It would seem that this has been led by Manchester brewer Cloudwater being one of the first to move its innovative range of beers to this larger can format. With their award-winning ways, it’s clear that their widely respected beers in cans have helped to set a standard that others have now followed.

Cans are no longer the poor relation for beers, simply representing mass-produced lager. They now set the standard for premium and represent to drinkers a beer that often offers more depth, complexity and something downright different.

And the impact of cans on craft beer sales is extraordinary.

Cans are demonstrably more popular with consumers with the breweries that made the switch from bottles to cans finding on average that their rate of sales almost tripled!

So, not only do brewers using cans make sure their drinkers get the freshest, tastiest beers in the most lightweight and durable containers possible – they are also reaping the benefits of increased sales with maximum brand impact. What’s not to like?

Time to go low

Cans are also riding the wave of one of the biggest trends in UK craft brewing with the exponential growth in No and Low alcohol (less than 2.8%) beer. In the last two years, this has seen a growth rate of 381%, with nearly 2.5% of all craft beer sold being 2.8% and below and 1.2% of all craft beer being no more than 0.5% in strength.

With some breweries such as those from Infinite Session now specialising in low alcohol in cans, as well as established breweries adding low alcohol beer options to their range, it seems like this is an area of craft that will continue to expand and with it the can too.

And with a can, is a multipack

So, it’s clear that cans and craft beer are constantly evolving and growing, and on that point, so is WaveGrip. With our range of colour carriers, we make sure that each can’s brand is truly complemented by its WaveGrip carrier, enabling consumers to bring their cans of choice safely home, in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

Whether its 330ml or 440ml, full strength or low-alcohol, WaveGrip and cans go together in a seamless application, almost as if they were made for each other…

Want to find out more? Contact us today to find out how WaveGrip can deliver for your 4,6 or 8 packs.

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