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May 2, 2017

Sprechen sie packaging? We certainly do

Sprechen sie packaging? We certainly do

We certainly do, particularly where cans are concerned. In fact, it would be fair to say we’re fluent, so we’re going to be exhibiting at Interpack in Düsseldorf between the 4th and 10th of May. As you might expect, we’re going to be displaying WaveGrip, the newest multi-pack canning system in the entire world (we speak Esperanto too, of course) on the RPC Group stand in Hall 10 – stand D21 to be precise.

Weird but rather wonderful

But we’re not the only exhibitors, of course (even if you’ll only have eyes for us…) There are some other really interesting people out there doing some pretty far out things. How about the APRIL Weighing Station from OAL?

Nothing to do with the month, APRIL stands for Automated Processing Robotic Ingredient Loading – obviously! APRIL, which OAL rather endearingly refers to as ‘she’, uses robotics to simplify how we cook food.

Another fantastic product being showcased uses the latest motion technology to position and rotate cans to allow them to be precision decorated – a step forward in the direct to shape printing technologies available on the market. What’s more, it’s canning technology, and we’re big fans of that. Look out for ToneJet, they are on Stand A61 in Hall 6.

And are we ready for our own close-up?

You bet we are! We are being billed as ‘the first genuine alternative to current beverage multi-packing solutions’, a description we can only endorse. As the brochure says, our solution is not only efficient but also environmentally sustainable and our carriers have the versatility to be adapted for all size of drinks business, from artisan to high volume.

What’s more, our technology can improve line efficiencies by up to 30 per cent and, because WaveGrip carriers are produced using advanced lightweighting technology and strength-enhancing polymers, our carriers securely and efficiently collate product according to individual requirements.

And (there’s more!) our carriers have been tested to within an inch of their lives, so are proven to be able to meet the high standards of the retail sector and enable easy-pack reconstruction to avoid spoilage

We’re almost blushing …

Not really – we tend not to put our lights under bushels and prefer to tell it like it is. Our carriers and applicators are unique and we’re very proud of them.

But we want you to see how good they are for yourselves, so come and see us. ‘Wilkommen’, as they will say when you arrive in Düsseldorf. We’ll say ‘Welcome’ on D21, but it really doesn’t matter what anyone says; it’s what you experience that matters and your experience matters to us.

So come and let us entertain you. We can’t promise you a cabaret but we guarantee it will be an experience that could just change your working life.

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