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May 1, 2019

So, it’s farewell CBC and cheers once again!

So, it’s farewell CBC and cheers once again!

Well it’s that time of year when we find ourselves back in the UK at WaveGrip HQ, recovering from the exertions of the Craft Brewers Conference, having been held this time in Denver. And what a show it was too… perhaps not quite as busy as 2018 but in terms of quality and leads, it definitely hit the mark.

CBC again proved what a dynamic and growing industry we are in. And increasingly how this is expanding beyond beer, with our sustainable multi-packing solutions appealing just as much to the growing band of cider producers, as well as the usual craft beer brewers.

Once again, we had the perfect opportunity to showcase our lightweight and fully recyclable WaveGrip carriers that deliver durable and sustainable 4, 6, or 8 multipacks for the growing number of drinks in cans – and all easily applied with our latest G1 applicator, whose competitive price and compact in size at just 55” x 31.5” (1.4m x 0.8m), makes it perfect for those at the earliest stages in drink production.

Compatible with all our carriers the G1 uses the standard WaveGrip reels which can pack over 3000 6-packs and allows a run time of five hours at 60 cans per minute (cpm) or three hours at 100cpm. And increasingly those carriers need to be more than just clear, as requests for WaveGrip Colour was indeed in high demand.

Why you may ask? Well, the world of branding is essential for the latest brews with their funky can designs and what better way to complement these than with the latest colour matching carriers. Already available in black, white, orange, red and green we saw a lot of interest in the Wavegrip Colours range and even received requests for additional ones too.

And this is why CBC is important. Not only is it if the ideal opportunity to meet the craft industry, it is also essential in helping us understand our customer needs, and then using this information to develop our next range of products and services. To find out more on these you’ll just have to continue reading this blog over the next few months for our latest announcements.

So, what else did we find out? Well, according to the Brewers Association whilst overall beer volume growth is down in the US, craft beer is still increasing by 4% with over 1,049 new breweries opening in the US alone. And cans for craft beer it would seem are everywhere and coming in all shapes and sizes – which, it would be remiss of us not to point out – will often require a multi-pack option.

This alongside the creation of the Independent Craft Brewers Seal and growth in diversity – not just in the beers themselves – but also in the brewery ownership, paints a picture of an industry that is both growing and evolving.

So, CBC we thank you for an amazing industry show once again. Farewell to Denver and with a fair wind behind us we hope to say hello to San Antonio in 2020, and as befits the final word on this latest blog, what else can we say but ‘Cheers!’.

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