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August 8, 2017

WaveGrip Colors combine branding with packaging efficiencies

WaveGrip Colors combine branding with packaging efficiencies

WaveGrip has launched its latest branding innovation with the availability of its carriers in a choice of different colors, helping beverage producers to create further on-shelf impact and brand differentiation.

WaveGrip is the most efficient carrier available and also the most environmentally-sustainable, and it has the versatility to be adapted for all types of drinks businesses, from smaller artisanal producers to high volume operations.

Working closely with OEM partners across the globe, WaveGrip applicator technology is easily integrated into the latest packaging equipment and WaveGrip Colors now provides the added benefit of additional brand impact along with the very latest in multi-packing technology.

Initially available in a range of four stock colors – Noir (Black), Tangerine (Orange), Envy (Green), Fury (Red) – bespoke colors can also be specified to enable co-ordination with a particular brand or design.

In line with all WaveGrip carriers, the new WaveGrip Colours are value-engineered to be lighter but stronger and use less plastic than any existing solution, while securely collating cans to the rigorous standards required in the retail sector.

Color has long been recognised as a high-impact element within a well-designed packaging solution for any number of beverages, quite often establishing its ‘hero image’. Think Tango. Think Perrier. Think Coke. Think Guinness,” commented WaveGrip Managing Director, Aaron McIvor.

“For a consumer in a hurry it can be the guide that triggers the seamless progression from eye, to hand, to shopping trolley. And as part of the way in which it presents itself, outer packaging has a vital role to play in helping to deliver a fully satisfying customer experience. Extending an established color code with WaveGrip Colors provides a simple yet stylish additional point of branding differentiation, that not only looks in keeping, but also makes perfect branding sense.”

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