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October 16, 2018

Brewing at the ends of the world

Brewing at the ends of the world

With the growth in all things craft, we recently started to wonder where exactly our beloved beer is brewed around the world. We know only too well that the US, UK, Europe and Australia all have strong footholds in the craft market, but where, we asked ourselves, is the most remote brewery? And more importantly, how do we get there to try their beers… whilst explaining the benefits of our WaveGrip carriers, of course!

So, our intrepid research team spent an afternoon Googling to find the furthest-flung breweries that would pose the perfect challenge for the determined beer drinker to visit and tantalise their taste buds.

And here, our friends, are the results of that afternoon – three remote craft brewers (in no particular order) that we would love to visit and bring a few samples back from.

Cervecería Mahina, Easter Island

Founded in 2008, the Mahina Rapa Nui Brewery is a challenge for even the most adventurous explorers. Most journeys start in Chile, Santiago, where a flight of nearly six hours takes you to the 63-square-mile Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it is locally known.

The brewery has two main beers: the Mahina pale ale at 4.8% and a Porter at 6.8%, both sold in bottles. Made with the best grains, yeast and hops in the world, imported from Argentina, USA and Belgium, its uniqueness comes from the Rapa Nui water, which informs its unique characteristics and gives it, as the brand says, ‘The secret taste of Easter Island’.

Falkland Beerworks, Falkland Islands

In 2012, Falkland Beerworks was born with an aim to ‘produce high quality, natural and consistently first-rate ales using quality ingredients and traditional methods’ – and the bit we like, ‘All with your and my enjoyment in mind’.

With a range of four beers including ‘Longdon Pride’ and ‘Rock Hopper’ available in both cask and bottles, we would be tempted to take one of the three scheduled flights to the Falkland Islands each week from RAF Brize Norton, despite it being an 18hr journey via Ascension Island. Alternatively, we could choose the weekly flight from Punta Arenas in Chile on the way back to Santiago from Easter Island…

Monhegan Brewing Company

Ok, so it’s not a million miles away, being located only 10 miles off the coast of Maine, but by being some distance from the nearest paved road and with a year-round population on the island of only 60, we think the Monhegan Brewing Company is worth a mention.

With a range of brews available on tap and in bottles, we would be tempted to take one of the crossings between May to October out to the island maybe for the ‘Trap Stacker Special Ale’ at 8.9%, or the ‘Lobster Cove American Pale Ale’ at 5.6%. No doubt a taste sensation awaits and as they nicely put it, it is ‘Craft beer, 10 miles out to sea’!

Now, where was my passport…

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