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March 6, 2023

How branded can lids are the next frontier in beer pack shelf battles

How branded can lids are the next frontier in beer pack shelf battles

We spoke to metal can specialist, Ardagh to find out more about their latest innovation in branded can lids.

How do you make your product stand out on shelves teeming with more than 30,000 brands? Any marketing professional will tell you that the number one rule is that your packaging must be eye-catching. Consumers seldom look further than right in front of them, so your product should be the one that catches their attention!

How can your product impress customers when they see it for the first time in a shop, online, or when they take it out of the box? The key objectives of pack decoration: to stand out from the competition, to stimulate curiosity, to entice customers to buy, and to be user-friendly and reliable – are becoming increasingly critical.

Don’t forget, though, that packaging’s primary role is practical. Shoppers are annoyed by packaging that does not sufficiently protect the product during transport and are annoyed by packaging that is difficult to open. Retailers prefer to display products in their shop that allow them to fill the space efficiently, for example, in display or pallet displays.

Is it possible to decorate the most practical features of a can? We spoke to our friends at Ardagh Group, who are proposing to use the entire surface of the metal can lid for branding in their gorgeous rainbow 'H!ghEnd' range from 2022.

Marc Bettinger, Business Development Director at Ardagh Metal Packaging, said: "We are actively driving innovation in new product applications, process improvements and sustainability.

“Whereas most cans used to be packaged in cardboard boxes, the entire surface of the can is now relevant to grab the consumer's attention.

“As well as the visual aspect, the can lid also gives brands an extra surfaces for consumer communication – be it legal text, or details of recyclability or deposit schemes.

“By having more space to play with, brands have more power to deliver the messages they need to convey.”

He adds that the decorative potential of can carriers complements the work that Ardagh Metal Packaging has been doing with H!ghEnd. “The solutions WaveGrip offers enable a fantastic collaboration in winning over the end consumer."

For our part, at WaveGrip, we rightly believe that the carrier in which the can is transported and stored is just as important as the can itself, meaning the two have to work together in harmony when maximising branding.

Our biodegradable plastic and cardboard packaging solutions perfectly combine visuals and ergonomics and encourage brands to stand out on shelves, either by matching the perfect framing for cans or bottles (offering brightly coloured carriers to match the can design) or by fitting seamlessly and discreetly into the packaging (the clear carrier option).

In keeping with some consumers' desire to deal exclusively with sustainable packaging, our plastic carriers contain up to 52.5% recycled content.

Our carriers can fit all sizes on the market and can be easily integrated into your production line, using the same reel of material to create packs of 4, 6 or 8. The cardboard carrier option is another eco-friendly packaging option, it's lightweight, recyclable and biodegradable and featuring a coated top side, means it can be printed with any pattern to accentuate and personalise your branding. 

For more information on Ardagh's H!ghEnd printed can ends please visit 


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