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December 12, 2017

All they want for Christmas is WaveGrip…

All they want for Christmas is WaveGrip…

It’s always a pleasure to hear from our existing and prospective customers – especially so at this special time of the year when everyone radiates with goodwill and is full of Christmas cheer; a healthy proportion of which is delivered in multi-packs of cans linked together by you know what.

While most of this correspondence is usually in the form of email, December is the month when we rediscover that there’s also a traditional postal service, staffed by men and women clad in bright red uniforms and buckling under the weight of bulky sacks over their shoulders.

It’s a look that’s by no means unique to Royal Mail. Indeed, there’s one card in particular that we received the other day that we’d like to share with you:

Dear WaveGrip,

Whilst I’m normally on the receiving end of requests, as we’re both in the carrier trade so to speak I hope you won’t mind my writing to you with one of my own. I have a very challenging trip coming up for which I need a practical way of securing eight cans of high energy carrot juice whilst adding the least amount of unnecessary weight in transit. It should also create as little waste as possible after use and ideally should be recyclable.

Your rim carrier is exactly what I want. I see it comes in different colours as well. If it’s not too naughty to ask, could I have a red one and a green one please? No need to send; just leave them beneath your nearest chimney as I’m happy to collect when I next drop in.

With many thanks – and a cracking big kiss to all your mummies.

S Claus

and hopefully it’s just what you’ll want too in the New Year!

Whilst 2017 has been a memorable year for WaveGrip, we’re aiming to make the next twelve months even more so. With your help we’ve shown the competition that being a lightweight doesn’t mean that we’re not a force to be reckoned with.

Far from it indeed. With brands, retailers and consumers alike highly conscious of the need to minimise waste (and in particular if it’s plastic), in using 10 per cent less film than any other comparable rim-applied multi-packing solution currently out there our deceptively simple yet highly ingenious carrier has been an instant success.

And a readily affordable one too. In a category within which the benefits of the can over the bottle are increasingly becoming recognised – advanced barrier properties; fresher taste; safer and more convenient on the go etc – WaveGrip delivers secondary packaging economies that are as attractive to a start-up craft beer supplier as to a volume brand. Not just in material costs, but in production engineering too, with an entry-level applicator installed for as little as £12,000.

And so here’s to 2018

Cans rather than bottles. Less rather than more when it comes to their transit packaging. Recyclable rather than dumped in land-fill, or even worse. A wholly (and indeed, ‘holey’) practical and cost-effective service to a sector thirsty for innovation. What’s not to like!

All in all, it’s a winning formula – and if you haven’t adopted it yet, then be sure to make it your New Year’s resolution to do so in 2018.

Happy New Year – and cheers!

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