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April 11, 2018

A word from our latest recruit, Idir Touhouche

A word from our latest recruit, Idir Touhouche

In our latest Blog we are handing over the writing to one of our new recruits, Idir Touhouche who has joined as Graduate Project Engineer and we welcome as part of our growing team. So Idir, it’s all yours…

Hi, my name is Idir, I’m 22 years old and my hobbies include… Don’t worry I won’t bore you with the usual info associated with a new employee blog, the kind of stuff that is copy and pasted straight from my LinkedIn profile.

Instead I am going to share my experiences of starting work at WaveGrip – a company that is growing and developing as quickly as I am. Fresh from university with my MA in chemical engineering from University College London, I was keen to join the working world and make the most of the knowledge and ideas from my years in education.


Experience matters

On arriving however, I quickly found that having made my first step onto the career ladder from the world of education, you are still never done learning.

Obviously, I expected to learn about the WaveGrip products inside and out; making sure I knew the carriers weighed 3.45g, or that the G1 could pack 100 cans a minute or that every WaveGrip carrier is 100% recyclable. However, whilst this knowledge was undoubtedly important, I realised it was the experience of the team that I needed to understand and learn from.

When you’re at university you’re around people who are just like you – they all know the same things you do, and usually to the same level. At WaveGrip however, these guys know a lot more! And with some of my new co-workers it meant 30 years’ industry experience under their belt and so I wanted to make sure I could learn from them and close that knowledge gap as quickly as possible.

It was clear that it was this experience that had led to the development of WaveGrip’s products and services, such as the design and implementation of WaveTec, our support system spanning Europe and North America, and so it would be key for me to work with the team and learn directly from them.

It helped that I was met by an incredibly friendly group of people that were to be my new co-workers and straight away allowed me to see just how quickly things move for a company like WaveGrip.


Total solution focus

I soon learnt that WaveGrip was much more than the most flexible carrier for drinks manufacturers, it was in fact a total multi-packing solution that demanded not only the leading materials, but also the leading applicators to integrate within our customers’ beverage packaging lines. Only as a complete solution do we truly have a product that meets our customer’s needs.

To date I’ve been a part of client meetings and recently taken part in a technical placement at the groups Ardeer site. Getting up close and personal with the machinery, materials and process involved in making filmic plastics such as WaveGrip. This placement has enabled me to experience the RPC Group culture, with their dedication to safety and commitment to sustainable packaging and manufacturing solutions that extend throughout the manufacturing process and our final products.

With a month of introductions, learning and training firmly behind me, there is still a long way to climb as I now focus on my long-term sustainability project. With this I aim to put into practice my skills and knowledge gained from my degrees for the benefit of WaveGrip’s sustainable product development. Exciting times for us all and with each week I keep making sure my knowledge increases as I aim to catch-up my colleagues!”


…Oh and in case any of you were interested in my hobbies, they include travelling and learning new languages. ?

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