Craft countries: our obsession with craft beer

For this blog we thought it was time to look at which countries rank highest in their love for all things craft beer. Who has the most breweries and conversely who has the least…? Yet, defining a craft brewery can be a tricky job and depending on where you are in the world that classification…

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So, it’s farewell CBC and cheers once again!

Well it’s that time of year when we find ourselves back in the UK at WaveGrip HQ, recovering from the exertions of the Craft Brewers Conference, having been held this time in Denver. And what a show it was too… perhaps not quite as busy as 2018 but in terms of quality and leads, it…

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WaveGrip rides the crest of a growth wave

WaveGrip has seen significant growth in its applicator machine installations on the back of recent investment in its manufacturing capability in both the UK and USA and the global demand for more sustainable multi-packing solutions.

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It’s Time To Help People Recognise Plastic’s Benefits Too

Without doubt we need to recognise the impact that the amount of plastic in our oceans has on our planet. However, the anti-plastic sentiment currently dominating certain sections of the media is in real danger of demonising a material that is making a major contribution to a more sustainable world. Plastic is often by far…

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