Craft countries: our obsession with craft beer

For this blog we thought it was time to look at which countries rank highest in their love for all things craft beer. Who has the most breweries and conversely who has the least…? Yet, defining a craft brewery can be a tricky job and depending on where you are in the world that classification…

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It’s all in the contract

Our latest blog takes a look at the phenomenon of contract brewing across craft beer. To find out more, we talked to Isaac Showaki, President of Octopi Brewing which was established in 2015 with one goal: “To be the gold-standard in contract brewing and to cater to the craft beer community”. Isaac is no stranger…

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What Can Be Canned, Shall Be Canned

When you think ‘six pack’ you’ll either be thinking of that unused gym membership or that very first beer, sneakily stolen from your parent’s fridge. In fact, we tend to think that the can and beer have been an entwined duo that could rival the likes of Bonnie and Clyde, Romeo and Juliet or Ross…

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WaveGrip rides the crest of a growth wave

WaveGrip has seen significant growth in its applicator machine installations on the back of recent investment in its manufacturing capability in both the UK and USA and the global demand for more sustainable multi-packing solutions.

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