Welcome to WaveTec

WaveTec is our dedicated machine manufacturing and engineering support service providing all WaveGrip customers with access to a network of technical support.

Covering North America and Europe, WaveTec is vital in ensuring our applicators meet the specific requirements of each individual customer.

Design & Manufacturing

Specialist WaveTec engineers design and manufacture WaveGrip applicators at our WaveTec centres in both the United States and Europe.


From craft breweries to volume soft beverage producers, our design team understand the individual requirements are unique to each multi-packing application.


Manufactured at our locations in the US & UK, we’ve spent years perfecting a carrier design which makes the process of application simplicity itself.

WaveTec - Delivering for our customers

Installation & Service

Professional installation undertaken by WaveTec engineers - including on-site training


Building the machines means we know every detail and our engineers are trained to deliver an install that integrates with each canning line.


With a global support network, our WaveTec engineers are on hand whenever and wherever you need support. And as we built each applicator – they know them inside out!


Our Applicators

G1, G2 or G3 - we have the perfect applicator for your multi-packing needs

Our WaveGrip applicators drive serious efficiency improvements to your multi-packing process.

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Our Global Support Locations

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North America
  • Massman LLC
    Villard, MN
  • WaveGrip Head Office
    Greenock PA15 2UL

OEM Partners

Working closely with OEM partners across the globe, WaveGrip applicator technology is easily integrated into the latest packaging equipment. Greater flexibility. More control. And a seamless multi-packing solution to give you peace of mind.

Letica Corporation, US
Established automation operation and part of our parent company, the RPC Group, Letica Corporation provide automation solutions for all WaveGrip
customers in North America.
Palmer Canning, US
Canning lines experts, Palmer Canning, focus on specialist applicators for craft beer market.
Ace, China
Part of RPC Group, Ace provides support for WaveGrip customers across China.

Or simply call us on +44 (0) 1294 842150

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