“We’re on track to be a 4200-barrel brewery in the next few months and thanks to our canning line and the C80 we think 80% of our output will be packaged products.”

Dave Sutula
Brewmaster, Royal Docks Brewing Co.

WaveGrips’s innovative multi-packing applicator and brand defining coloured carriers are helping Royal Docks Brewing Co. increase its packaged beer output.

Based in Canton, Ohio, Royal Docks fuses craft beer with British pub culture in a contemporary American style and was named the fifth-fastest growing brewery in the USA for 2017.

Having previously partnered with a canning company, Royal Docks switched to its own canning line in 2017.

Recently, however, it has required a faster and less labour-intensive solution to keep pace with its ongoing growth. The C80, with speeds of up to 80 cans-per-minute (cpm) and ability to pack a full range of can sizes with minimal downtime was the perfect choice.

The multi-packing solution also needed to complement Royal Docks distinctive branding and can design, whilst staying secure and sustainable.

The C80

With an easy to use design, the applicator is running consistently at over 50 cans-per-minute (cpm) to fit with the rest of the canning line and restrictions on manpower.

Royal Docks are on track to be a 4200-barrel brewery in the next few months and thanks to this canning line and the C80, 80% of its output will be packaged products.

WaveGrip Colours

Royal Docks are one of the first breweries to use the WaveGrip Colours range, using the Fury Red carrier to complement their own brewery branding.

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