Strong. Lightweight. Sustainable

Beverage bottle packing solutions are necessary to ensure that the products reach the consumer safe and sound. WaveGrip's™  cardboard bottle carriers provide you with a lightweight, single piece of material that are recyclable.


                                                                                                                        Features and Benefits

  • Uses minimal packaging materials
  • Option for custom print for maximum brand effect
  • Customized to your specific bottle design
  • High-speed automated application increases manufacturing efficiencies
  • Holds up to 4.5kg / 160oz of product

High-speed Automated Application Equipment

Our bespoke applicator solutions provide you with a comprehensive and sustainable packaging solution, that aims to improve your efficiencies and reduce waste.

Our bottle packing applicators start at 800bpm (bottles per minute) and can pack bottles at speeds of up to 2500bpm. Contact us to discuss your bottle packing requirements further.

Only the best Materials Make the Cut

WaveGrip™ uses premium, responsibly sourced materials that create sturdy, recyclable, and attractive packages for your bottles.

Our cardboard bottle carriers can be customized to fit your brand in up to 10 colors and are printed on high-quality paperboard that is curbside recyclable.

Available in a Range of Colors

A standard range of colors to make your cans pop.

custom print
craft white
craft brown


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