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August 29, 2023

Cheers to Innovation: No Minimum Orders, for Maximum Impact

Cheers to Innovation: No Minimum Orders, for Maximum Impact

We all start somewhere – and with a huge number of craft brewers and beverage producers around the globe seeking to make their own beverage brand dreams an on-shelf reality, there comes a need for the lowest order quantities possible in can packaging and printing, so that craft producers can start their production from the ground up.

NOMOQ, recently becoming part of the Ardagh (AMP) family are the (fairly) new kids on the block, a digital printing company with a mission to help all breweries of any size to print masterpieces on to their cans. Indeed, the company’s name is an acronym: NO Minium Order Quantity!

Traditionally, printed cans have required minimum order quantities of around 250,000 cans and will only offer printing in limited colors; however, as the name suggests, NOMOQ offers no minimum order quantity and endless color and design options, meaning that even if a customer wanted a singular expertly printed can, they can help.

Not only is NOMOQ helping small breweries to get on to the ladder, but it’s also assisting big companies with their smaller quantity printing needs. Particularly when it comes to specials, limited edition and collaborative drinks – these can-printing specialists are allowing bigger players to change up their can art and make their unique ranges stand out.

I bet that all sounds great – but what does this have to do with WaveGrip?


Make your can stand out

Similarly, at WaveGrip we believe the outside of the can is just as important as what’s in it. There’s no better way to show off your brand personality than with a show-stopping can design and a reliable carrier that works in harmony to compliment it.

By offering a range of bold colors to match, or clear carriers to blend-in subtly; just like NOMOQ, we want to let your designs do the talking.

The high-quality printability of WaveGrip’s curbside recyclable cardboard carriers offers space for endless printing and design opportunities to elevate your branding or shout about any promotional offers. Our range of carriers combined with NOMOQ’s digital printing technology, offering unlimited colors, allows brewers to make a statement with both their cans and carriers.

And we all know that every can needs a carrier, so we too are doing our best to include smaller orders and currently offer a much smaller minimum order quantity than many competitors, with a minimum amount of 5,000 printed card carriers per order. We hope this allows craft and start-up producers, like NOMOQ’s customers to use our handy, customisable cardboard carriers.

Our friend Stefano Nucera, Online Marketing Manager at NOMOQ said: “We are passionate about what we do at NOMOQ and want to be seen as an enabler of limitless creativity in the beer community, and to be accessible for brewers of all sizes.

“It’s important to us that our customers get the best out of their design and branding, and we know how great it feels to finally see your concept appear on a real can.”

At both NOMOQ and WaveGrip, it’s safe to say that both of our company’s value sustainability and there’s more to why we chose the classic aluminium can than perhaps meets the eye. 


The sustainability of the can

Aside from their impressive recycling rate, aluminium cans are lighter in weight and generally easier to transport than glass bottles. This choice combined with our can carriers made this beverage packaging and carrier relationship a no-brainer for us at WaveGrip.

NOMOQ’s digitally printed cans also offer sustainability benefits of their own when compared to sleeved or labelled cans. Digitally printed cans offer a higher economic value of recycled aluminium as they remain a single piece of material, whereas cans with an additional paper label or shrink sleeve must have labels removed for the can to be recycled. 

Stefano said: “To us, the can is a little keg – it’s lightweight, widely recycled and logistically, just makes sense.”

And we completely agree.

At WaveGrip, we believe that everyone in the beverage sector has a part to play so that great drinks can reach our shelves great packaging. 

We welcome all new game-changing businesses like NOMOQ into the industry with open arms and look forward to seeing this exciting company grow and help more brewers to turn their amazing designs into a reality. And remember, whenever you need help carrying those magnificent cans, you know where to find us…


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