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October 25, 2017

Anything they can do we can do better!

Anything they can do we can do better!

Here at WaveGrip we’ve never felt the least need to shrink in the face of a bit of competition – especially when shaping up to anything bigger, heavier and let’s face it uglier than us and what we have to offer. We like to think of ourselves as heading up the queue when it comes to carrying the can; something we take the greatest pleasure in doing with the maximum attention to detail and the minimum amount of unnecessary fuss and performance.

Whilst we might appear to be lightweights, that doesn’t mean we’re not more than capable of taking the strain when it counts; however heavy a burden that might prove to be. It’s also well worth adding that it’s been our obvious lack of wasteful avoirdupois that has enabled us to handle ourselves as efficiently and effectively as we always manage to do in a scrap.

Strong AND hygienic

We’ve always taken a positive pride in doing our bit to give our customers the security of being able to place the products of their labour in good hands. Better still, we can now do so even more safely than ever before through the development of the world’s first ever covered flexible multi-pack carrier, combining all the load-bearing capabilities of the original WaveGrip concept with the level of hygiene benefits that have only been possible up until now through the application of a cumbersome, full collation shrink.

There was obviously only the one name we could give to our new next-generation solution: what else but WaveSafe.

Starting from such a low overall weight in the first place there was more than sufficient leeway for putting on few additional grams of fully recyclable and photodegradable PE (polyethylene), in order to create an extra protective layer covering the top of each can once it has been filled. For the drinks manufacturer it provides the sure knowledge that their product arrives on the shelf in the same mint condition in which it left the factory.

And for the consumer, it guarantees the total absence of any unsightly and potentially unhygienic dust or debris that might otherwise represent a disincentive to purchase. Win win all round then.

And on top of WaveSafe’s production proposition there’s the added bonus in displaying a highly colourful image in-store. Introduced earlier this year, WaveGrip Colour has already made a significant difference on-shelf by replacing the carrier’s original opaque appearance with a range of striking primary colours to complement existing branding and graphics.


Keeping a watchful eye on our weight has always underpinned the winning strategy behind the onward development of our multi-packing carrier solutions – enabling us to compete and out-perform against the full collation shrink alternative whilst using a double-digit percentage lesser volume of film.

With the introduction of WaveSafe we’ve added greater peace of mind and product enhancement to an already successful formula whilst maintaining our distinction in having the lightest touch when it comes to delivering the goods. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the pack is still stuck way back there in the tunnel. Too bad they can see us waving!

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