Why Choose a WaveGrip Cardboard Applicator?

Great Value

Automated systems value engineered to get you started with WaveGrip at a low cost.

Small Footprint

WaveGrip applicators typically up less space than comparable applicators.


Simple 15 minute change over between can heights.


A simplified design means low maintenance and high reliability.

Watch The WaveGrip CB-200 In Action


Capable of packing up to 50 cans per minute in 4 and 6 pack formats, the CB-Manual provides optimum flexibility, sustainability, and reliability for manual users. Requiring minimal floor space, the CB-Manual can be moved to different locations with ease and is adaptable to any working environment.


Introducing our latest applicator technology: the CB-80, an intermittent motion applicator designed to efficiently pack up to 80 cans per minute in both 4 and 6 pack formats. Its modular design minimises the space requirement needed to operate, and the flexibility of the CB-80 ensures it scales as your business grows.


The CB-200 is an intermittent motion applicator capable of packing up to 200 cans per minute in 4 and 6 pack configurations. Easily adjustable to suit a range of can heights, the CB-200 helps meet various retailer requirements from a single, small footprint machine.


The CB-600 is an intermittent motion applicator, capable of packing up to 600 cans per minute. As with all WaveGrip applicators, its high flexibility and compact, modular design are designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s production environments. Backed by the support of our highly experienced engineering teams, all WaveGrip systems are built to the highest of standards by our trusted partners Massman Automation Design, and Hanbury Autogil.


Designed to meet the most challenging line speeds, the CB-1200 from WaveGrip can pack up to 1200 cans per minute. Using our intermittent motion technology, packing speeds, flexibility and sustainability are maximised and with WaveGrip’s modular design and small footprint, the CB-1200 is adaptable to any floor space. Developed and built to the highest standards by our trusted partners Massman Automation Design and Hanbury Autogil, every CB-1200 applicator is backed by our experienced engineering support team for complete peace of mind.