Why Choose a WaveGrip™ Applicator?

Great Value

Automated systems value engineered to get you started with the WaveGrip™ system at low cost.

Small Footprint

WaveGrip™ applicators typically up less space than comparable applicators.


Simple 15 minute change over between carrier types.


A simplified design means low maintenance and high reliability.


The C-80 is an intermittent motion machine, built to create professional multi-packs in 4, 6 or 8 pack formats at a rate of up to 80 cans per minute. The C-80 can be adjusted to run multiple can heights of both 202/211 and 202/204 cans. For those with footprint constraints, the C-80 comes with multiple layout options to suit your available space.


Designed to enhance efficiencies, the C-400 offers flexibility, easily transitioning between 4, 6 and 8 packs at the touch of a button. Running at up to 400 cans per minute, the C-400 accommodates a range of can sizes including 202/211 and 202/204 cans helping you to meet various requirements with one single machine.